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Expires: March 1, 2021

Thank you for your interest in being a model for the NJP Senior Model Team!  This program is designed to create unique and stunning images of you and your fellow seniors of the Class of 2022 in a variety of locations with a variety of themes.  To participate you must complete the following application and submit it by March 1st.  You must also submit two images of yourself, one full body and one close up/headshot.   These do not need to be professional images, just good enough to give us a preview of your look.  

All NJP 2022 Models must book their own individual Senior Experience with Nancy Jo Photography prior to the start of the model program.  This is YOUR session... the one that will tell your own unique and individualized story.  Our NJP Senior Experience is an all inclusive session that includes 2-3 hours of shooting time, 2-3 locations and as many outfits/looks as time allows.  It includes a 16x20 mounted portrait, a 6x8 hardcover photo album, 12 gift prints, and 15 digital images, as well as the video/slideshow of all selected images from your session.  Cost is $1,000.  Upon booking, a 50% deposit is due, and the remainder is due the day of your session.  We encourage you to schedule a complimentary consult to plan your session with Nancy Jo, and together find a unique way to tell your story.  

What do you get?  You will receive free mini on-location themed sessions and images with our logo to share on social media from each session.  These session are just for fun, and are determined with our model team.  Previous sessions included Vintage Bowling, 80's Roller Rink, City in Colour, Downtown Grunge, Junkyard Queens, Great Gatsby Inspiration, Ballroom Formal, and many more.  Who knows what we'll come up with!  You will also be automatically in the Nancy Jo Photography Model Pool, which we utilize throughout the year for classes, location scouting, and other inspired ideas.   

Now for the details!

To introduce our models to the program, answer questions you may have and allow you an opportunity to meet and socialize with your fellow models, we will have a welcome luncheon.  All models are required to attend.  Tentative date is March 13th from 12-2pm.  Location TBA.

We will be photographing all NJP Senior Models in a two hour on location session on Tuesday afternoons from 4-6pm during the months of April, May & June.  Specific dates will be determined at the luncheon.  Each model will be invited to a minimum of two themed sessions.    

We will require all participants be available for their assigned sessions, which will be determined in part by your availability.  Most of the locations will require you to meet at the location.  In addition, we will give specific wardrobe direction for each shoot to stay in theme with the location and style of session.  For some of the sessions, we may provide hair and make up services for the ladies.  

Toward the end of your senior year, we will invite the 2022 Model Team back for one last session.  This will be a college/plan reveal and Cap & Gown session.  Each model will receive one image of each at no cost!

All models understand they are committing to NJP for their senior portraits.  No model should be photographed by another professional photographer during their model term, with the exception of school assigned photographers that are required by your school to photograph specific portraits.  If a model is photographed during their model term by another photographer, they will be immediately dropped from the program.

We appreciate your interest in the NJP Senior Program!  All selections will be made by March 1st.  You will be notified via email or telephone call as to whether you have been selected.  All participants who are selected will be required to book their NJP Senior Experience at/or before the welcome luncheon.  

Still have questions?  Feel free to call us at 919-570-1009! 



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Thank you for your application!  You will be notified by March 1st  of our selections. 
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