NJP Senior Application

Expires: February 1, 2019

Thank you for your interest in being a model for the NJP Senior Program!  This program is designed to create unique and stunning images of you and your fellow seniors of the Class of 2020 in a variety of locations with a variety of themes.  To participate you must complete the following application and submit it by Feb. 1st.  You must also submit two images of yourself, one full body and one close up/headshot.   These do not need to be professional images, just good enough to give us a preview of your look.  

What do you get?  You will receive six free mini on-location sessions and two free images with our logo to share on social media from each session.  You will also receive an invite to our reveal party at the conclusion of the program and a discount on your booked individual senior portrait session.  Each participant is required to book and submit payment for their individual session at the welcome picnic on Feb. 12th.  Cost for premium session  (2 hour session with 5-6 outfits at 2 locations) will be discounted for participants from $200 to $100! 

Now for the details!

To introduce our models to the program, answer questions you may have and allow you an opportunity to meet and socialize with your fellow models, we will have a welcome picnic on February 12th.  All models are required to attend.  

We will be photographing all NJP Seniors in a two hour on location session every other Tuesday afternoon from 4-6pm.  We will have two Model groups.  The first will begin their series on March 5th and their final session will be May 7th.  The second group will begin March 12th and their final session will be May 14th.  Group assignments will be made at the welcome picnic.  

We will require all participants be available for all their group sessions.  Most of the locations will require you to meet at the location.  In addition, we will give specific wardrobe direction for each shoot to stay in theme with the location and style of session.  Some of the sessions we may provide hair and make up services for the ladies.  

At the conclusion of the six sessions, we will host a preview party where you, your family and your fellow models will get to see what we have created!  

All models understand they are committing to NJP for their senior portraits.  No model should be photographed by another professional photographer during their model term, with the exception of school assigned photographers that are required by your school to photograph specific portraits.  If a model is photographed during their model term by another photographer, they will be immediately dropped from the program.

We appreciate your interest in the NJP Senior Program!  All selections will be made by February 2nd.  You will be notified via email or telephone call as to whether you have been selected.  All participants who are selected will be required to book their full session at the welcome picnic.  

Still have questions?  Feel free to call us at 919-570-1009! 



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Thank you for your application!  You will be notified by Feb. 2nd of our selections. 
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We have received your application and appreciate you applying to the NJP Class of 2020 Model Program!

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